So you want a Private Pilot Certificate…

Certified Flight Instructors are not Medical Examiners.

You had an Introduction Flight and loved it… WHATS NEXT? Follow these steps to begin your journey.

  1. We will need to document your U.S. Citizenship with a U.S. passport or Birth Certificate. If you do not have that, you will need to fill out a T.S.A. Application. You will not be able to start any training until you are approved.

  2. Sign up as a student with Wings Level Flight Training. Call us and let us know, or Click HERE and provide your information. Be sure to tell us you want to start flight training as a customer.

  3. Schedule a medical screening from an authorized Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Click HERE to find out how. Click HERE to find an A.M.E. near you. You can schedule the third class medical, or a consultation before moving forward to the examination. If you want to eventually fly for a job or career, we suggest you initially apply for a 1st class medical. Generally insurance does not cover this kind of medical examination. Be sure to call the office of your choice and ask any questions that you may have regarding the medical.