Please fill out this form and provide a copy of the fuel receipt to us for a refund.

For a fuel and/or oil reimbursement we must have the hard copy of the receipt in hand before we credit your account. Yes, we credit your account for fuel and/or oil receipts. We do not reimburse with cash, check, or refund. Please fill out the reimbursement form for a reimbursement. If you do not have the original receipt, you must call the company/business/airport from who you purchased the fuel and have an email of the receipt sent to either a Wings Level personal, or a hard copy submitted.

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Customer Name
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What date did you purchase/rent?
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Please describe where you left the receipt, who you gave it to, or any necessary details that we need to know.
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We will reimburse you equal to the price per gallon on the receipt, but not to exceed price per gallon at the airplane home airport. Airplane reimbursement is only given as money on account.